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 All of my Sims Family.

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PostSubject: All of my Sims Family.   8/13/2008, 2:18 am

Wow is this going to take awhile for me to type and for you ti read. Screen Shots are univalible. Sorry! So here are my familys/roommates for all my Sims games and personaliltys and etc. Here are the current Sims 2 games I have.

Sims 2: Castaway
Sims 2 Seasons
Sims 2
Sims 2 Bon Voyadge

So lets get started!

Sims 2 Castatway. Well you don't have a family in this game. You have friends that get stranded.
So here is the castaways. I don't play this so much. I only have 1 saved game.
any way

Anya Wood
Jason Kriston
Markus Livis
Alysaa Pac
Alii Pac [Alyssa's indentical twin]
Mitch Dangers

Anya has been rescued. Mitch is missing. The castaways think he is calling for a SOS. Markus is decing to stay or leave. Alyssa is in love with Mitch so she is now lost from trying to find him. [I can't find or play as Mitch because I can't because he's gone!] Alii has decided to live at the island with her soon to be fiance Jason. Anya hated all of them eccept Alyssa she couldn't find her in time to bring her back also. So yea!

Sims 2 Seasons: I have 4 familys on Free Play and 1 saved account on the game.
My account person. His name is Jake Frisko. He loves Spring and Summer and early fall. He doesn't like winter. He lives with his best-friend Erik who is very flirty with all the girls.

They live in a kinda big house. They had a another roommate who died of a kitchen fire. His name was Andy.

Now for the family's
1st, The Henderr's
Mother: Lisa
Father: Lee
Daugheter 1: Adrianne
Aughter 2: Hilary
Son 1: Brent

Hilary was sent to Social Servies for the time being after that it's milarty school for her. Brent is a brainy kid. Adrianne has 7 boyfrinds ;) haha. Lisa is cheating with Lee's bestfriend. And she did that not me! But.. Lee gets home very late then he should be ;).

Family 2.
The Jenisoning's

Mom: Claire
Dad: Robert
Son 1: Sam
Son 2: John
Daughter 1: Felicia
Dughter 2: Amy
Daughter 3: Jenn
Daughter: 4 Ellen
Son 3: Connor

Yes a big family with a lot of G's

A 5 story home. 2 hotubes
1 pool.
Big garden
Big rooms

Sam and John share though.

7 bathrooms.

Robert drowned is now dead.
Ellen is at Milatry school.
Jenn has a boyfriend
Connor has no friends
Amy is video addict
Felicia is a party animal
Amy is a pimple face weirdo. ;]

The Frannsons
A poor family 1 floor.
1 kid
Mom: Ann
Dad: Shane
Son: Alexander

Ann makes barely any money
Shane is a model
Alex is a straight A student

4. This family has 2 members which are roomates


Miles is in love with Ian.[I didn't do this]
Ian is in love with Felicia [same age of both adults]

Pretty straigh forward roomates They are like any other roomates. Have a lot of parties. Go on abou 3 vacations a week. In are time.

Sims 2 would take to long to say. I have all 3 account space taken
I have 16 free play familys.

Bon Voyage I have 1 family

The Hilston's.

Mom: Stacy
Dad: Lance
Daughter: Emma

They just had the baby. So yea. I don't play this onw much so,

Well thats it ;)
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PostSubject: Re: All of my Sims Family.   8/18/2008, 4:33 am

too bad for me.I lost my SIms 2 case Angry
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All of my Sims Family.
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